Edible Jasper's Plants

We are developing our photo galleries, but in the mean time, enjoy these images of our first garden space.

The garden begins
Spreading the Progress
We began by building-up the soil...
no-till style
We spread old issues of the Pickens County Progess to stifle the grass and unwanted weeds.
Building the Layers
Mulch and Soil
We spread hay on top of the newspaper.
Next we added soil and mulch to complete the no-till soil-building.
The plants go in!
The initial steps of the first Edible Jasper garden are complete.
In the beginning, the garden was sparce and spindly....but it grew quickly! A terrific beginning to our landscaping adventure!

Great job team!
We're finally ready for the plants!

The Plants in Our First Garden Space

The growing garden!
Happy Plants
Welcome to our Garden!
Flowering Bee Balm & Lemon Balm
Bronze Fennel and Wild Onions
Flowering Oregano...So Pretty!
With Spearmint in the background.
Bronze Fennel surrounded by Wild Onions and Spearmint
A Happy Garden
Onions, Fennel, Mint...Oh My!
A baby rosemary plant.
Happy Garden!
A tiny Sage...it will be big
before we know it!
Our garden is so happy!
Terrific soil, plenty of sunshine...
heaven if you're a plant!

See you in the garden!