What is the Vista Garden Project?


The Sharptop Arts Association is located in Jasper. They promote arts in the community, offering a space for local artists to teach classes or display their work.

Here is some information from the Sharptop website:

Sharptop Arts is currently transforming the existing landscape at the art center into a Visionary Arts Garden with many creative vistas. Currently, the landscaping is very basic and not conducive to classes or events.

By expanding our boundaries to include the great outdoors, we offer the community a delightful soul feeding experience of a unique and very creative garden setting where classes can be held, events can take place, or can be visited for quiet contemplation and wondrous discovery.

The Visionary Gardens have been divided into 22 individual vistas that have all been adopted by community partners. Each one will be a unique garden setting for the public’s viewing pleasure. Many have an educational theme, such as the Educational Excursions site with all native plants to our area, the Master Gardeners have included plants that all attract the best of nature to their site, Ramblewood Gardens and Natural Market are using all medicinal herbs in their vista and Stormwater Landscape Management is showcasing many ways to deal with stormwater runoff and avoid erosion and pooling of excess water. The gardens range in theme from elegant European to native plant materials.

How is Educational Excursions helping?

We have adopted a vista and a group of homeschoolers met in the Spring of 2010 to design our site. We had several requirements, including:

  • Creating an artistic door to replace the current door into the basement of the Arts Center
  • Designing window treatments for the windows on our side of the building
  • Disguising the air conditioning unit in our garden space

Our group added some additional guidelines, such as incorporating native plants that are edible or otherwise useful.

Educational Excursions will sponsor a series of classes to build our site, all of which will be free to the community. They will include:

  • Soil building
  • Erosion control
  • Wall construction with glass bottles
  • Native plant identification and propogation

Dates and times for these workshops will be posted soon. Come join us!

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