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Dazzoodles is a collection
of links to the
very best free children's printables on the internet! Quick, easy access to free printable
children's bookmarks,
books, coloring pages,
decorations, flashcards, games, greeting cards, paper crafts, paper dolls, plays, poetry, puzzles, stationary,
toys, and worksheets.
Ecological Creations can help individuals and businesses to become more environmentally responsible. Contact them with all your green needs.
Emerging Healthcare is a non-profit organization easing chronic conditions and helping people take charge of their health for a balanced and vibrant life. Our whole person approach recognizes that the body, mind, spirit, and environment are interconnected and influence health.
My name is Johnnie W. Lewis, Author and Illustrator of The Five Finger Paragraph©, a very kinesthetic method of teaching students to write paragraphs and essays without all of the struggles inherent in that endeavor. The method is simple to learn, yet easy to remember, and comes in ebook and hard copy format. There is even a DVD from which older students can learn the method without supervision (most of the time!). The very visual color-coding and use of cartoon drawings grabs the student's attention long enough to impart the all important details of organizing the five paragraph essay so widely used in the S.A.T. and A.C.T. exams!
Many restaurants in Atlanta are making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Visit these restaurants and thank them for their environmental stewardship.
Homeschool Learning Network
Home Page:
The Homeschool Learning Network offers a subscription-based Homeschool Curriculum that provides access to thousands of pages of learning for grades K-12 -- unit studies, lesson plans, worksheets, and much more! Follow a structured 36-week program or create your own - the choice is yours! One low cost per family.
Learn Math Fast
888-510-MATH (6284)
The Learn Math Fast System is an innovative new program for those who struggle to learn math. These four powerful books will teach you and your children K-7 math in about one year. Younger students will advance in math quickly and older students will catch up to grade level in record time. This system includes all worksheets, tests, answers, detailed lessons, step-by-step instructions, manipulatives, and lots of tricks; all for $149. Please vistit our website and read our testimonials. All questions are answered the same day.
Prodew leads the industry in misting solutions for grocery stores, home use, warehouses, and more. Contact Prodew for help with all your misting needs.
Streamline Refinance
Streamline Refinance is a service that makes refinancing a home loan quick and easy. For those with FHA and VA loans, approval is immediate!
Tara Simon


Broadway veteran and Christian singer/songwriter Tara Simon is offering private and group Piano, Voice, Acting and Composition lessons! Learn from a working professional in the industry who knows what it takes to be a success. As a result of her teaching, past students have landed commercials, competed in state level competitions, have gained the interest of music publishing companies, and much more. Gift certificates are available.
Do you drive a diesel vehicle? Veggie Oil Conversions can help reduce your dependence on petrolleum. Convert your vehicle to run on used veggie oil!
veredesings can help you with all your graphic design needs. Websites, flyers, logos, brochures, and more!


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