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Visit Our Calendars! They are FILLED with lots of fun, educational activities for you and your family.

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Welcome to Educational Atlanta

We're here to help you find quality activities for your and your family.

What is Educational Atlanta?

Educational Excursions is aspiring to be the one-stop-spot to find a comprehensive list of quality activities in the region.

Educational Atlanta

  • Lets you find our what's goin' on without being bombarded by advertisements
  • No more searching and site-surfing! It's all here!

Educational Excursions has been organizing programs for students in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia since 2004.
This means doing lots of time-consuming research to find interesting local events....we want to make things easier for you!

This new component of Educational Excursions' site will help achieve that goal.

How does it work?

Local venues send us information about their upcoming events. For a small fee, their activity is listed on the Educational Atlanta calendars. And all the revenue generated supports the programs offered by Educational Excursions!

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